Kevin Carroll, a founding member of the far-right English Defence league, is standing for the post of Luton's first-ever police and crime commissioner, as the candidate for the newly-created British Freedom party.

Caroll, who describes himself as a proud 'Lutonian', is running for office in a town, where nearly a third of the population is non-white, and the Muslim population is five times the national average - which has also seen ugly clashes between the EDL and radical Muslims, after radical Muslims burnt Remembrance Day poppies and protested against British involvement in Arab countries.

However, his British Freedom manifesto states a policy of "zero tolerance for extremist and terrorist activity in Bedfordshire," Also on the list is the promise to "aggressively pursue so-called honour crimes" and to "end politically correct two-tier policing" along with pledges to put the rights of victims of crime first and getting tough on drugs - which may appeal to the wider populace.

But the widespread belief is that Caroll may have to go some way to win the hearts and minds of the Luton population, who may be concerned about the anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.