The anti President -Mursi protestors, currently staging a sit in after another night of violence that saw 5 people killed in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Are likely to be removed any time today, by government troops ,who are waiting for the nod to come in break up the protestor's camp.

The focal point for demonstrator's anger was Mursi's decree on the November 22, which put him above legal challenge and his push to rush through a controversial constitution bill.

This Cairo woman said she believes these attacks and deaths carried out by the government are nothing more than terrorist attacks on the people.

"When Egypt reaches a point, after a revolution, where a brother kills his brother, when the people of one nation reach a point where they carry weapons against each other and slaughter each other - this is not democracy. This is terrorism, terrorism from the ruling party,

The army's deployment effectively separated supporters of the Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood from supporters of the opposition with whom they fought street battles throughout the night.Mursi has defended his decree as necessary to prevent courts still full of judges appointed by Mubarak from derailing a constitution vital for Egypt's political transition.

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