The Egyptian army is preparing itself for more violent protests today following President Mursi's appearance on national television.

Where he condemned, the clashes and escalating violence between government supporters and protestors in light of his decree granting himself widespread new political powers.

Speaking here he laid out a plan for all groups to come together for a meeting tomorrow to discuss this further.

''I call for a full, productive dialogue with all figures and heads of parties, revolutionary youth and senior legal figures to meet this Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 12.30 at the Presidential Palace in order to reach an agreement that unites the nation, with which we can all exit the constraints of division and conflict and enter into the ease of agreement, if not full consensus."Mursi added that the plans for a new constitution on December 15 were on track.

However the violence on Wednesday that saw five people killed and hundreds more injured in as thousands of supporters and opponents of President Mursi fought outside the presidential palace. Has prompted President Barack Obama to call leader of Egypt to express his deep concern about the deaths and injuries of protesters in the country.

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