A 74-year-old Italian woman died after her five half-wolf dogs mauled her inside herown apartment.

Mariangela Zaffino, a pensioner who stays mostly in her flat in Grugliasco town, which is near Turin in Italy, was found dead by her daughter in her own apartment. The investigation pointed to her five pet Czechoslovakian wolfdogs as the culprits behind her death.

The old woman was attacked by her pets for reasons still unknown to investigators. Her daughter said that her mother's dogs were a cross between German shepherds and wild wolves, and that they have many wolfish characteristics. She told The Telegraph that the five dogs did not show any signs of aggression before.

While her daughter said that the dogs showed no previous signs of being dangerous, neighbours were of a different opinion. Reports revealed that the old woman's neighbours have questioned the wisdom behind keeping five large dogs named Apache, Aragon, Ares, Artu and Aylen, in a small apartment.

The police are baffled as to what could have prompted the dogs to attack their owner. The local police commander, Massimo Penz, stated that the dogs were registered and that they have never received any complaint regarding the behaviour of the dogs. After the incident, authorities took them in.

These dogs are more slender than wolves but they have similar characteristics. In Italy, the breed has already become very popular. It was originally created in the 1950s in Czechoslovakia. They used to be used as guard dogs.

In 1982, the breed was recognized as a unique one. They are very intelligent but they need a lot of exercise. They are also not recommended if the household has children. They are strong and with tough stamina. Females normally reach up to 45 lbs while males can reach up to 50 lbs.

Italian woman mauled by pet wolfdogs. Photo: Pixabay

While the dogs may be very loyal to their trainers, they can easily attack any other person. The breed needs to be trained well and a good vast space is required for those who want to have these dogs around. It is also recommended that they undergo training in order to tame them under their owner.