Rugby Union legend Matt Dawson believes that England can become a superpower once more, and believes that people are being highly critical of the country right now because they're 'scared of what England could be'.

After a disastrous World Cup spell last year, the England team was in disarray, from the players to the coaching staff and the board. Since the controversy, Ian Ritchie has been appointed as chief executive, and has a big task ahead of him cleaning up the problems that seem to have been present in the team for a lot longer than has been public knowledge.

And Dawson, who has 77 caps for England and won the Grand Slam and World Cup in 2003, believes that a lack of communication has been a big factor in the side not being successful.

"A lot has been written and said about England's troubles, and we all know about the majority of the problems," he told Sport magazine.

"The past few years I've seen players struggling to express themselves and playing within a system they didn't quite look comfortable with. It all comes down to a lack of communication.

"We've become the laughing stock of the rugby world, but it's only because countries are scared of what England can be."

Dawson added that he felt it wasn't just about the players and the board needing to change, but also the fans' perspective on the game.

"I want England to win every game," he said. "Most people do, but maybe I have to change that outlook slightly. Of course I want them to win, but maybe we need half a season that's just about performance, to let these players express themselves and find their feet."

The appointment of Ritchie was the start of a movement towards a more positive future, according to Dawson, with the side now looking to create the communication that was missing for so long and led to the failure at the World Cup.

"Ian Ritchie's appointment as chief executive is a welcome start and will help provide the stability that England required," he explained.

"There are now appointments who will put their own spin on how England should go forward, and we should give them the opportunity to do that."

England are currently undertaking the Six Nations, and play Scotland this weekend with a new look side.

Six Nations England Fixtures:

Sat 4<sup>th Feb 2012

KO: 1700

Scotland v England (Murrayfield)

Sat 11<sup>th Feb 2012

KO: 1600

Italy v England (Stadio Olimpico)

Sat 25<sup>th Feb 2012

KO 1600

England v Wales (Twickenham)

Sun 11<sup>th Mar 2012

KO 1500

France v England (Stade de France)

Sat 17<sup>th Mar 2012

KO 1700

England v Ireland (Twickenham)