Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson [Reuter]

Tommy Robinson will definitely form a new political group after stepping down as leader of the English Defence League, his personal assistant has told IBTimes UK.

Helen Gower also told our reporter that, although Robinson informed his support staff of his decision to step down a week ago, the rest of the EDL had no idea that he and deputy Kevin Carroll would be resigning.

She was speaking after Robinson announced that he is quitting the far-right movement due to "the dangers of far-right extremism" and the need for "better, democratic ideas" in the fight against Islamic extremism.

Gower said: "No-one had any idea apart from myself and other support members. Tommy told us last week.

"He told us that he didn't feel protests were achieving anything any longer and had gone as far as they could.

"A new group, that isn't street-based, is going to be formed. Tommy is definitely going to be in the new group, and Kevin will be in it too."

Gower also admitted that Robinson's announcement had caused chaos within the movement he founded in 2009.

"At the moment people are a bit bemused by it all as no-one knew it was happening, so the reaction isn't very good. A lot of people are concerned because we've got Bradford this Saturday, and obviuously Tommy and Kevin will not now be attending that.

"I have no idea whether the group will go on, all the regional organisers will need to discuss stuff and decide on how to proceed."


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