Erin Ward
Erin Ward is the wife of a US Dept of Defence Deputy Director. (Photo: Douglas County Sheriff)

Erin Ward, the disgraced female teacher in Nebraska caught having sex with a minor student, has been revealed as the wife of William "Doug" Ward.

Per the Daily Mail, Doug works at the Department of Defence as the Deputy Director of the Commanders Action Group and Senior Nuclear Deterrence Advisor.

His time with the Department of Defence goes back nearly two decades, as he previously took on the role of a Deputy Branch Brief. The 53-year-old is also a Harvard graduate with a master's degree in political science and government from the Extension School three years ago.

His wife is currently charged with one count of felony sexual abuse; this comes after Douglas County Sheriff deputies found the 45-year-old teacher naked with a 17-year-old student in Doug's car in the early hours of Saturday morning - in her husband's car.

The deputies responded to a 3 a.m. call that reported a suspicious vehicle at the end of a dead-end street. Ward was found hurriedly dressing in the back of the car when police closed in on the vehicle.

The minor that Erin Ward was with jumped into the front seat and drove away before crashing the car into someone's yard shortly after. After this, he fled the area on foot before being located later wearing just a t-shirt, boxers and socks.

The deputies found an employee ID for Omaha Public Schools inside the vehicle. Ward was a substitute teacher at numerous schools across Nebraska. Omaha Burke High School was among the schools where Ward worked.

Erin Ward told the deputies that she worked there, which also happened to be where her 17-year-old "lover" attends as well.

Both the 45-year-old and the minor were sent to a hospital to receive treatment for the minor injuries they sustained from the crash.

Darren Rasmussen, principal of Omaha Burke High School, spoke out after the incident: "We are writing to share that law enforcement has arrested a metro-area substitute teacher for inappropriate conduct with a minor. The individual worked at Burke High for several days during the 2023-24 school year. They will not return to our school or any others in our district."

Rasmussen added: "Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of the students we serve. We take this most seriously. Counsellors will be available on Tuesday for students in need of support."

Ward will not face charges of statutory rape as the age of consent in Nebraska is 16. However, she is likely to spend 20 years in prison as she faces a Class 11A felony charge.

Ward and her husband currently reside in the outer regions of Omaha, where they have a house in Gretna. They have three children, including a daughter similar in age to the victim found in the husband's car.