Brockton High School
Brockton High is home to more than 3,500 students. KENA BETANCUR/AFP

Teachers working inside Brockton High School, the largest school in Massachusetts, US, have said that they are overwhelmed by the escalation of violent incidents by students.

Some teachers have even admitted to turning a blind eye to fights among students inside the school to protect their safety.

The school district has already requested police services more than 800 times this year, compared to roughly 1,100 counted in 2023, says Brockton's Police Chief.

The school, home to more than 3,500 students and located 25 miles south of Boston, is also experiencing safety and security issues and a budget crisis.

The lack of staff members willing to diffuse a feud comes after multiple teachers have suffered severe injuries while trying to stop fights.

Brockton High Maths Teacher Cliff Canavan, who has worked at the school for 22 years, had his arm broken while trying to split up an aggressive confrontation last year.

Like many teachers, the maths teacher told the NY Post that since being injured during the brawl, which included an unconscious student being repeatedly kicked in the head, he has refused to step into any fights.

Canavan said: "If I'm in the hallway and a fight breaks out, I'm not getting involved. I'm turning around and walking the other way. Because I won't put myself in a position to get seriously injured again."

Fight clubs at Brockton High "wouldn't necessarily surprise me," he explained, considering student fights are regularly seen in classrooms and corridors.

Teachers often witness students dealing and doing drugs at the school, with one staff member saying that there were cases of students "having sex" in empty classrooms.

"A friend of mine that was a science teacher... he had a fight break out in front of his classroom several years back. And he got knocked to the ground and hit his head so hard that he actually wound up with internal damage in his brain area," Canavan said.

"He will never be able to work again as a teacher. As far as I know, he'll never be able to drive a car again. He walks around with those deep, deep-tinted sunglasses that you see an elderly person wearing because if he doesn't, he winds up with splitting headaches from regular light. That's horrific."

Another teacher "was knocked over breaking up a fight and was put out of work for the entire year," Canavan continued, noting that the staff member had "ruptured three disks in his back."

A Brockton High spokesperson reported that the most recent violent incident resulted in a staff member being sent to the school nurse.

In a desperate call for support, four members of the Brockton School Committee have pleaded with Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey to use the National Guard to end the "chaos."

While Healey dismissed the National Guard strategy, the Governor gave the city a financial pledge to improve the school's safety conditions.

Education officials have also suggested the integration of more mentors into the high school.

This month, the Brockton School Committee voted in favour of vetting volunteers to support the well-being of both teaching staff and students.

Executive Director and Founder of People Affecting Community Change Jamal Gooding said he has offered the school district 100 volunteers to support students and teachers.

"We can help," Gooding said.

"Let us go into your school right now, 100 guys, free, and restore public safety."