It was an eventful weekend for Mick Schumacher at the British Grand Prix. After finishing in eighth place, he finally managed to secure his first points in Formula 1 since joining the Haas F1 team last season. Naturally, members of the media flocked around the youngster, and questions about his legendary father were inevitable.

In one of the interviews, Mick confirmed that he believes his father, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, is better than Lewis Hamilton. The debate about which driver is the "GOAT" or greatest of all time has been going on ever since the Briton equalled the German's world championship titles.

23-year-old Mick is predictably of the opinion that his father has the edge over the Mercedes driver, who is still gunning for an eighth title and a chance to take the solo lead in the record books. He came close last season, but was edged out by Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen in the final race in Abu Dhabi. This year, he isn't as competitive against the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers. In fact, even his new teammate George Russell has been outperforming him in the current campaign.

According to Mick, he has no issue with the comparisons between Hamilton and his father. "I'm OK with that, all the questions and comparisons with my father do not bother me. For me, he is the all-time best in this sport, to which he has given his all. I don't see why I should disregard that," he said, in an interview with German publication Bild.

Lewis Hamilton fans will be quick to point out that numerically, he has the lead in this debate. The Mercedes driver surpassed Schumacher's record of 91 race victories last year, and still has an opportunity to extend his current record of 103 victories. Mick even presented Hamilton with a helmet to mark the milestone, showing that he is happy enough to support the Briton's success.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton holds aloft the helmet presented to him by Mick Schumacher POOL / Bryn Lennon

Nevertheless, many are still of the opinion that Schumacher Sr. was a better driver overall. For Mick, he has his own career to worry about. After a successful F2 career, he joined F1 with Haas last season and unfortunately brought up the rear for most of the campaign only just ahead of fellow rookie and teammate Nikita Mazepin.

This year, Haas have been more competitive, and some mentorship from veteran teammate Kevin Magnussen has helped Mick improve. In Silverstone, he finally scored his first F1 points. He will be hoping that this is the first of many, and a huge number of fans are backing him to follow in the footsteps of his father.

Meanwhile, Michael is still recovering from an injury he sustained in a ski accident in December 2013. His family has been secretive about the status if his health, but Mick has confirmed that he is longing for an opportunity to speak to his father about his career.

Mick and Michael Schumacher
Famous footsteps: Mick Schumacher (L) and his father, Formula One legend Michael Schumacher (R), AFP / Andrej ISAKOVIC