In a heartwarming event, social networking site Facebook turned lifesaver for a man who woke up paralyzed and had no other means of communicating with the outside world, save a status update.

Peter Casaru, a 59-year-old resident of Brecon in south Wales, has had spinal problems since breaking his back in a quad-bike accident six years ago.

Casaru was unable to call an ambulance, following an accident at home, as the battery on his mobile phone had died. In a superhuman effort, he crawled for 90 minutes to reach his laptop.

On reaching the laptop, The Telegraph reported, he typed on Facebook: ''Can someone call 999, Ambulance for me, I need one now. I have fractued my back. dtuck ob floor. no phone abd glasses, toucvh typing. please help me."

Casaru's friends, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in the U.S., were immediately on the phone, and two ambulances reached his home inside of 20 minutes.

Casaru was treated shortly afterward and was even told that the injury could have been far more serious, had the ambulances not arrived on time, according to a report in the Metro.

''That's the luck part of the whole story: that Facebook friends saved me," said Casaru in the report

"I am always joking when I go on Facebook, so I am just glad they took me seriously," he added, thanking all his friends.