Last week Facebook announced what could be its biggest overhaul to date, with the introduction of the Timeline. This isn't yet available to the masses, but with a few clicks here and a bit of typing there, anyone can get the new Timeline today.
The Timeline is only available to Facebook developers, but becoming one is easy, free and doesn't require you to actually make any applications.

Facebook Timeline
Get the new Timeline on your Facebook now

Step 1: Become a Developer
In the search box at the top of your profile type 'developer' and click on the top result, which currently shows about 1.3 million monthly users.

Step 2: Create a new application - or at least the name of one
Click "Create new app" in the top right of the page. Now come up with a name for your application, this needs to be unique but don't worry about what it is, as this name will never appear anywhere, because you aren't actually going to build the app. Fill out the captcha box.

Step 3: Open Graph
Click "Open Graph" on the upper left-hand-side of the page and fill out the two boxes that appear in the middle of the page. This define an action for your app, such as "read a book" or "watch a film". Put any verb and noun you like.

Step 4: Get the Timeline on your profile
Return to your profile page and there will be a message at the very top. Click this and confirm that you want to get the new Timeline, and you're done.

Your profile will now refresh and be replaced with the Timeline. Add yourself a cover art image by clicking "add cover art" on the upper-right. It's worth noting that while you can see your Timeline - because you're a developer - your friends cannot, unless they too become developers by following the above steps. When Timeline does finally launch for the masses you'll already have your cover art in place and be familiar with the new layout.