A female suicide bomber belonging to an Afghan insurgent group has carried out a suicide bomb attack on a mini bus killing twelve people. Nine of the dead were foreigners, mainly Russian and South African pilots who were travelling from the airport back to their hotels.

Afghan insurgent group Hezb-e-Islami which doesn't normally carry out such attacks has claimed responsibility as retaliation, against a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad. The smouldering remains of the vehicle are on the street and one of the dead foreign passengers can be seen lying on the floor.

Chief of Police, General Ayub Salangi speaking in Dari made a statement to waiting press, about this suicide attack.

"A corolla car exploded near the mini bus carrying foreign passengers from the airport to their residents. All passengers inside the mini bus were killed, reports say that this mini bus belonged to an airline company carrying their staff."

In response to this attack, and the rise, of deadly "green-on-blue" attacks on NATO soldiers. Nato has said it is to restrict operations with Afghan troops. And now only large operations will be conducted jointly, and patrols evaluated on a case-by-case basis. As concern continues to grow that Afghan officials have not been doing enough to prevent the rise of 'insider attacks.'

Written and presented by Ann Salter