EA Vancouver has announced that FIFA 14 will launch Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this year.

FIFA 14 new features announced
FIFA 14 is being developed by EA Vancouver for launch in late 2013 (Credit: EA)

Though no specific release date has been given yet, several of the game's new features have been revealed.

Dribbling has been overhauled for FIFA 14 and made more tactile, allowing players to better control the ball even when holding down the sprint button.

The wide turn circle that footballers have in FIFA has been reduced to allow easier and more precise movement, with the games' physics engine is now more finely tuned to gauge momentum. Though players can now run and turn more easily with the ball at their feet suddenly changing direction will throw them off balance, giving defenders or attacks a chance to steal possession.

There will be a greater focus on defending. Another new feature, 'variable dribble touches' means that the ball is no longer locked to a sprinting player's feet. Heavy touches will knock it away from your control, giving defenders more openings to gain possession. To counteract that, players will now be able to protect the ball more easily, holding down the left shoulder button to wrestle and barge opponents trying to tackle them.

EA has also improved the AI of your teammates, meaning that when they're not on the ball, they move themselves into better positions for set-pieces and attacks on goal. Attackers will move up the wing and run backwards to stay onside, while AI defenders will more effectively mark opponents in the 18 yard box.

When it comes to shooting, there's an emphasis on ball physics. If your striker is awkwardly positioned in front of goal or off balance, the ball will shoot off at an angle or get tangled between his feet.

Other, smaller tweaks have also been promised FIFA 14's career mode will feature a simpler, cleaner interface and they will be a better scouting function that will let you more easily find suitable players for your team.

Though no date has been confirmed, based on FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 which both launched on the last Friday in September, FIFA 14 will hit shelves 27 September.