A group of film-makers from drone manufacturer Aerobo found an unusual canvas for their conceptual art project. They used drones to paint the sky with coloured smoke in Long Branch, New Jersey, in October.

The idea for the project came from Aerobo founder and CEO Brian Stream and director Paul Trillo. They decided to do a collaborative art project and use the sky and the water as paper. The pair used four drones laid with four different colours – red, blue, green and yellow – to produce an impressive effect across the water below.

Although the film-makers had a certain level of experience in large motion picture productions, the project was still a challenging undertaking. The four drone pilots needed to have good coordination to make the shot at the right time and the film-makers were also limited to 90 seconds by the colour dispensers. The video uploaded on social media is just behind-the-scenes footage, the final production is yet-to-be-released.