Mozilla, developers of the popular Firefox browser have added in multi-touch support for Windows 7 in its latest release.

The move, comes as little surprise after the Mozilla foundation completely overhauled its user interface in the last update - in a move that repositions the browser against newer touch-screen friendly browsers with easier tab selection and smaller menus.

"Firefox now integrates multi-touch support for Windows 7, enabling you to interact with your browser in a whole new way." says the beta program.

The new beta is currently being used by majority light-to-medium internet users with high entertainment usage amongst mainly men, however Mozilla is keen to point out: "This doesn't come as a surprise to us, but it also isn't a great representation of internet users. We need your help! If you're enjoying using the Firefox 4 beta, tell your friends, get them set up and don't forget to point out the Feedback button." they say in today's release.

The new browser also gets a complete engine overhaul with 'JaegerMonkey' Javascript now pulling away from the old Mozilla browser after the new code allows it "to execute heavy, numeric code more efficiently", according to the company.

API's - application programming interface's - which allow Mozilla to embed more features in Windows are apparently being showcased in the new Windows 7 touchscreen interface and will allow developers to modify and enhance the browser in new interesting ways using 'touch'.

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Similarly, WebGL - another programming interface for 3D graphics is apparently turned off in the new release.

Meanwhile Google's rival 'Chrome' 6 reached beta status - the new browser improving on Mozilla's Dromeao DOM Core Tests 'by 64 per cent' whilst beating its own V8 test by 18 per cent.