Tracy Latham from Mackworth, Derby in the UK is now mourning the deaths of four members of her family after they all died from COVID-19. Her partner, Darren Fisher, 48, his parents, and an uncle all died following a Christmas Day gathering. They had all been isolating for ten months before the fateful event.

The entire family claims that they had diligently been sheltering at home and staying safe since the novel coronavirus first broke out in March. However, the UK government allowed family bubbles of three households to meet during the holidays despite rising cases in the country.

Darren reportedly went to his parents' house on Christmas day for only two hours. His parents, Pat, 79, and David Fisher, 82, both tested positive within a week. So did Darren and his uncle, Michael Wilson, who also attended the gathering.

All four have since passed away from the disease. Another uncle is still recovering after becoming seriously ill with COVID-19. Tracy narrates that out of all the deceased family members, only Pat had a known comorbidity, which was diabetes.

Unfortunately, they are not aware who passed the virus to the rest of them. "Nobody was ill - Mick had a bit of a tickle, but that was all," she told The Sun. She also said that all the members of the family were believed to have been staying at home and shielding before the gathering.

Pat was the first to be admitted to hospital on December 27, followed by Darren who had difficulty breathing and was taken by ambulance on December 29. He was put on a ventilator for nine days before eventually passing away.

Darren's parents passed away two days apart just a few days before him on the 4th and 6th of January. Darren died on the 11th followed by his uncle Michael a few days later.

Tracy is grieving her family members and blames the government for what happened to them. "I wish that Boris had said nobody could visit each other at Christmas," she said.

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