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The internet is home to a whole host of crackpot conspiracy theories, but this meme sweeping Twitter takes the biscuit: are Natalie Portman and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown the same person? On first glance, it may seem rather unlikely but some freaked out internet users starting to half-believe it – despite the pair having been born two decades apart.

Prominent vlogger Freddy Amazin tweeted a picture of the two actresses side by side to his five million followers with the caption: "I NEED ANSWERS".

It seems his audience were also struck by the incredible likeness. The post has gone viral with over 36,000 retweets and over 100,00 likes since its publication on January 18.

To be fair, their similarities are pretty striking. Take a look for yourself:

This just emphasises the point, really.

Here is the uncanny pair as one person, unintentionally looking like The Joker.

There is one big winner emerging from this revelation: Hollywood casting agents.

Millie Bobby Brown has been thrust onto TV screens around the world for her role as Eleven in the massively popular Netflix original series, Stranger Things. The English-American actress won best actress at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last year, and at 13, was the youngest ever recipient of the award.