Georges St-Pierre
St-Pierre will return to the octagon for the first time in four years next week Getty


  • St-Pierre will face Michael Bisping for his middleweight title at UFC 217.
  • A fight between St-Pierre and McGregor has long been rumoured.

Boxing coach Freddie Roach says he would like to see a potential superfight between Conor McGregor and Georges St-Pierre happen.

St-Pierre (25-2 record in MMA) is returning to action for the first time in four years when he takes on middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217 on 4 November.

A fight between McGregor (21-3 record in MMA) and St-Pierre though, has long been a dream match-up for fight fans, with recent rumours suggesting that it is a possibility in the near future.

However, the French-Canadian claimed he is not interested in fighting McGregor for now, adding that it could be a possibility later on if the fans wanted it.

Roach, who trains St-Pierre, stated earlier in the year that the Irishman was a potential future opponent for the former welterweight kingpin and has now revealed that it is a bout that he would enjoy watching.

"McGregor is a cocky kid and he did OK in his fight against Floyd Mayweather," Roach told ESPN. "I would just say OK. I would enjoy that fight and I would like to see that fight happen. It's possible.

"Right now, we're just concentrated on this fight [vs Bisping]. The thing is, we have a three-fight contract with [UFC president Dana White] and we have to win every one for the contract to go on.

"If everything goes well and Georges wants to retire at the end, that's up to him. If he still has fight in him, and if I still have fight in me, we'll go on from there. I'm sure he'll receive many offers. Bigger and better offers."

However, for a potential superfight to happen, St-Pierre needs to beat Bisping at New York's Madison Square Garden, having claimed that if he loses on his UFC return, he would retire for good.

GSP, White and Bisping
St-Pierre, White and Bisping at a recent NHL game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs Getty

Roach believes that while Bisping will have a size advantage, that advantage could prove to be beneficial for St-Pierre, who he expects to take the fight to the ground like he so often did in his first UFC run.

"Everyone is talking about Bisping's size, but I say, 'Hey, I love fighting big guys'," Roach explained.

"Tall guys give you a bigger target obviously, and are a lot slower. I think this guy is made for us. He says he doesn't think we can outbox him. We can and we will outbox him.

"If a [stand-up fight] happens, then it happens. But the thing is, if we have other opportunities to do things Georges is more accustomed to doing, we will do that.

"Believe me, we're not going to be like Ronda Rousey, where someone told her she was a good boxer when she was winning every fight of her life on the ground. I'm not going to lie to my fighter. We've been working on everything and will take advantage of everything."