The investigation into possible Polonium poisoning as the cause of death for Yasser Arafat continues as three French judges are preparing to travel to Ramallah to seek the exhumation of Yasser Arafat's body.

The French court launched the murder inquiry last month into the 2004 death of Arafat in a Paris military hospital ,after his widow said he may have been poisoned by Polonium. She engaged a Swiss forensics company to carry out an investigation who found levels of the radioactive substance on his clothes. No autopsy was carried out after Arafat died, aged 75, and the French authorities said a cause of death couldn't be established-leading to allegations of foul play.

The head of the Palestinian team investigating the death of Yasser Arafat called for complete co-ordination with any foreign inquiry over the cause of the late president's death.

"There has to be work that is complete and done in harmony with everybody. Whether the French, Palestinian committees or the Swiss medical centre, any side that wants to enter this arena should co-ordinate and organize so that there won't be any contradictions that might affect this investigation."

Arafat's widow, Suha, said in a statement sent to Reuters that the judges told her lawyer they had begun the necessary steps to travel to Ramallah, where police experts would carry out tests under their authority. The case continues.

Written and presented by Ann Salter