Obesity epidemic
A study, published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, finds that FTO alters the level of the hunger hormones, ghrelin and also makes junk food more tempting. Reuters

The Children's Food Campaign (CFC) passed over complaints against 54 products to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The group targeted companies that advertise products with high sugar, fat and salt levels using websites that appear targeted towards children.

See the full list below:

Rice Krispies www.kelloggs.co.uk/whatson/ricekrispies/

Coca Cola www.cokezone.co.uk/home/index.jsp

Capri Sun orange juice drink www.capri-sun.co.uk/teen-zone

Fizzy Vimto www.vimto.co.uk

Yazoo chocolate Flavour Milkshake www.yazoo.co.uk/

Frijj Thick and smooth chocolate milkshake www.frijj.co.uk/

Cadbury 99 icecream cone www.cadburyicecreamland.com/

Ribena original blackcurrant www.ribena.co.uk/

Little Yeos www.littleyeos.co.uk/#/ Whiteboard / Our Yummy Products - Little Yeo's 4 Pack

Nesquik chocolate milkshake www.nesquik.co.uk/

Pepsi www.pepsi.co.uk/

Fanta www.fanta.co.uk/en_GB/pages/landing/index.html

Chupa Chupa cremosa creams www.chupachups.co.uk/

Doritos crisps cool original www.doritos.co.uk/index.html

Ben and Jerry Baked Alaska Ice cream www.benjerry.co.uk

Butterkist toffee popcorn www.butterkist.co.uk/

Cadbury Dairy Milk www.cadburydairymilk.co.uk/

Chewits strawberry chewy sweets www.chewits.co.uk

Twister & Co www.icecreammakesuhappy.co.uk/KidsHomePage.aspx

Crème Egg www.cremeegg.com

Crunchie www.facebook.com/Crunchie

Fab ice lollies www.myfabland.com

Fruit Shoot orange www.fruitshoot.com

Haribo Tangfastics www.haribo.com/planet/uk/startseite.php

Jaffa Cakes www.jaffacakes.co.uk/

Jelly beans www.jellybelly-uk.com/bean-world/

Jelly Snakes www.naturalconfectionery.co.uk/jelly-snakes.aspx

Kit-Kat www.kitkat.co.uk/Flash/

M&M www.uk.mms.com

Maltesers www.maltesers.com

Mars bar www.marsbar.co.uk

Mentos www.mentos.co.uk

Milky Bar www.milkybar.co.uk/Home.aspx

Nutella hazel nut chocolate spread www.wakeuptonutella.co.uk/

Oreo www.oreo.eu/oreo/page?siteid=oreo-prd&locale=uken1&PagecRef=1

Penguin www.penguinbiscuits.com

Poppets chew toffee www.poppets.co.uk/

Revels www.revels.co.uk/home/default.aspx

Robinsons Fruit Squash www.robinsonsdrinks.com/

Rowntrees randoms www.rowntrees.co.uk/#welcome

Skittles www.skittles.com/

Smarties www.smarties.co.uk/home/

Sugar Puffs www.honeymonster.co.uk/#

Chew Crew www.swizzels-matlow.com/town/index.html

Wispa www.wispa.co.uk/

Harvest Chewee www.harvestcheweee.co.uk/

Starburst www.starburst.com/#/products

Honey Monster www.findhoneymonster.co.uk/

Lucozade www.lucozade.com/

Hula Hoops www.hulahoops.com

Pringles original www.pringles.co.uk/home

Mega Monster Munch Flamin' hot www.megamonstermunch.com/

Cheestrings www.cheestrings.co.uk

Baby bel www.babybel.co.uk