Certain batches of paracetamol produced by M&A Pharmachem have been recalled by the pharmaceutical company. The recall is due to discoloration of some of the medication. A fungal growth has been noted as the cause behind the discoloration of the drug. All bodies responsible for the distribution of the pills have been asked to check the batch numbers and return the possibly tainted batches.

The 500mg 1X1000 tablet batches have been recalled as a precautionary measure. A small number of tablets were noticed to have become discoloured. Tests conducted concluded that the tablets had a kind of fungus growing on them.

The fungus Penicillium citrinum was found to be the contaminant in the tainted batches of tablets. While the fungus is not lethal to humans in small doses, they are unwanted contaminants. As the fungal growth occurs the colour of the fungus is seen as the discoloration on the paracetamol tablets.


On the United Kingdom Government website, the recalled batch numbers have been listed. National Health Service (NHS) has been instructed to use their regional offices to reach out to the bodies distributing the recalled batches of the drug.

NHS regional teams are to reach out to clinics, general practitioners and local pharmacists to inform them of the contamination. Listed batches of the paracetamol are to be returned to the supplier. All the batches are to be destroyed so that no patient is given the tainted drug.

Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) claims that any of the spoilt tablets will exhibit noticeable discoloration. Since the contamination is highly visible MHRA believes that no patient could have received or consumed the tablets. Either the patients or health care professionals would have noticed the colour and prevented the consumption.

Batches with the expiry date ranging from April 2022 to October 2023 have been recalled.

In case of stock-related enquiries Pauline Caddick of M&A Pharmachem can be contacted at pcaddick@mapharmachem.co.uk. Any medical information related enquiries are handled by Pharmacovigilance Manager, Cristina Parau (cparau@mapharmachem.co.uk).