As of late, GameStop has been in the headlines for varied reasons. Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils- Aimé was recently appointed as a member of its board of directors. However, it seems that there has been a negative outlook surrounding the company for a while now. Sources have been reporting instances wherein management have been pressuring its employees due to poor sales. Thus, overall staff morale has been reportedly on a downturn. Now, amid the coronavirus lockdowns, it is choosing to stay open.

Evidently, this decision did not sit well with its workers. Even with the looming threat of COVID-19 infections, the retail chain does not plan to close its doors. In fact, the business owners are urging its stores to provide law enforcement with a document to support their claim, reports Kotaku. Moreover, if authorities continue to push for closure the branch manager should encourage them to contact corporate headquarters.

We are working diligently during this unprecedented time to provide our customers & associates with the safest environment possible. Please see below for details on new changes we are enacting & click here for our full statement:

— GameStop (@GameStop) March 19, 2020

An internal memo obtained by sources read: "we have received reports of local authorities visiting stores in an attempt to enforce closure despite our classification. Store Managers are approved to provide the document linked below to law enforcement as needed." Meanwhile, the official website shows a posted statement that says "GameStop is working diligently during this unprecedented time to provide our customers and associates with the safest environment possible."

According to company, "we are implementing changes to our retail operations so that we may continue to provide essential products to our customers that allows them to stay connected, and provide products that allows business and consumers to work remotely."

On top of it all, GameStop is allegedly enforcing several safety measures against the coronavirus outbreak. One is by allowing only 10 customers to come in at a time to observe social distancing. Others include adjusting store hours, disabling in-store game stations, and delivery-at-door policy wherein consumers can pick up their games outside of the store.

GameStop has confirmed a recent data breach may have compromised customers' personal information and payment card data. Reuters/Mike Blake

GameStop likewise suspended trade-ins until Sunday, March 29, and postponed launch events as well. Furthermore, unless they are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, employees are expected to report to work. It looks like the company is not really concerned about the welfare of its people. Even in the face of the highly contagious coronavirus threat, sales numbers are what matters.