Marketer Growth
China's market share in Underground Utilities Mapping can reach 40% by 2028. Marketer Growth

The global Underground Utilities Mapping Services market is on a trajectory of significant growth, as revealed in a comprehensive market analysis and insights report.

Despite the economic fluctuations triggered by the ongoing health crisis, the market is projected to reach unprecedented heights, driven by factors like Electromagnetic Location (EML) advancements and increasing demand for utility locators.

Market Expansion Amidst Pandemic Challenges

The Underground Utilities Mapping Services market has shown remarkable resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the Utility Locator Market reached a value of USD 5.19 billion, with projections indicating it will grow at a steady CAGR of approximately 5 per cent to reach USD 8.11 billion by 2030.

Notably, Electromagnetic Location (EML), which accounted for a significant portion of the market in 2021, is expected to thrive in the post-COVID-19 era, with a revised CAGR. Meanwhile, the Oil and Gas segment is also poised for substantial growth with an estimated CAGR throughout the forecast period.

Understanding Utility Locators and Mapping Services

Utility locators are instrumental in the process of identifying and labelling public utilities, playing a pivotal role in detecting and mapping underground utilities and services. They provide precise information about the paths of cables and other conductors used for utilities, including telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fibre optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains and wastewater pipes.

The market is categorised based on techniques into 'Electromagnetic Field', 'Ground Penetrating Radar' and 'Others', highlighting the diverse approaches employed in underground utility mapping.

Driving Factors for Market Growth

The Utility Locator Market report emphasises that the growth of this industry is propelled by increasing demand for efficient and accurate identification of underground utilities, particularly to prevent damage during construction and excavation activities. The report also identifies key factors influencing the growth in various regions:

  1. North America (NA): Stringent government regulations, technological advancements and the presence of established players are expected to drive robust growth in this region.
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC): Rapid urbanisation, infrastructure development and investments in smart city initiatives are anticipated to fuel significant growth in APAC.
  3. Europe: The growing adoption of utility locating equipment across various industries is expected to contribute significantly to market growth.

Within these regions, the United States and China are poised to dominate the market, commanding a substantial market share.

Key Insights from the Global Underground Utility Mapping Market Report

The report offers a comprehensive outlook on the Underground Utility Mapping market, providing insights into various aspects:

  • Market Projections: Forecasts of market value and sales volume from 2018 to 2030.
  • Market Trends: Examination of trends, opportunities, challenges and risks influencing the market.
  • Macroeconomic Impact: Analysis of global events and economic factors affecting the market.
  • Segment Analysis: Assessment of market value and sales volume by type and application.
  • Regional Overview: Insights into current conditions and growth prospects across regions.
  • Country-Level Insights: Financial gains and sales volumes in key countries within each regional market.
  • Competitive Landscape: A review of top players in the market, including sales, pricing, revenue and product portfolio.
  • Import-Export Patterns: Analysis of import and export volumes in primary regions.
  • Industry Logistics: Examination of suppliers, raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and end users.
  • Policy and Regulation Analysis: Coverage of industry policies, regulations and relevant news impacting the market.

The utility locating equipment market has seen substantial growth due to rising demand for precise underground utility identification, preventing construction damage. North America's robust growth is driven by strict regulations, technology advances and established players.

In the Asia Pacific, rapid urbanisation, infrastructure development and smart city investments fuel significant expansion. Europe also contributes significantly, with growing utility locator adoption across industries. The United States and China dominate these regions, commanding a substantial market share.

Regions covered:

  • North America: United States and Canada
  • Europe: Germany, France, U.K., Italy and Russia
  • Asia-Pacific: China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Latin America: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia
  • Middle East & Africa: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Korea.