Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has announced it will open a nursery school to recruit toddlers to the party, according to local reports.

The far-right group's members Ilias Panogiotaros and Ilias Lagos launched the school in Crete after attacking the Greek left for what they claimed was teaching children "a warped version of the country's history".

The project follows a stunt in which a group of youngsters aged between six and 10 were given an indoctrination session in Greek gods and history in the party's offices. Golden Dawn called it the start of a "national awakening".

Meanwhile, Golden Dawn MP and spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris is due to stand trial in connection with the mugging of a student in 2007.

His fellow MPs lifted his parliamentary immunity to allow him to stand trial for assault. Kasidiaris is accused of one of five members of a gang who beat and stabbed the student and stealing his identity card.

A witness claims they were driven away in Kasidiaris's car.

More than 20 children took part in Greek history lessons at the party's offices in Artemida, eastern Attica. They were shown educational videos, taught "Greek ideals" and told about the virtues of the ancient Greek gods, Christianity and the Greek Orthodox church.