Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson was injured in the 6th game of the NBA finals last season. His torn ACL injury turned out to be so serious that it caused him to miss the first half of the 2019-2020 season. Warriors coach Steve Kerr confirms that he will not be able to play for the rest of the regular season, but may play in the Olympics in Tokyo this July.

His injury last season helped the Toronto Raptors clinch their first NBA championship. Unknown to everyone at the time, it was the start of the Warriors' injury problems. At least five other Warriors were injured during the off-season and the first ten games of the regular season. When Stephen Curry injured his hand and joined his fellow Splash Brother in the sidelines, it ruined the Warrior's chance of getting a fourth championship in six years. They are now 12-44 halfway into the season, and currently in the last place in the entire league.

According to Sporting News, Thompson is frustrated watching his team getting steamrolled this year. The Splash Brothers spent most of the season on the sidelines watching the Warriors turn from the team to beat to the worst squad in the league in a matter of months.

Coach Kerr says that both players are healing well. Curry may be able to play at the tail end of the 82-game regular season. It will be too late to change the fate of the Warriors, but it will help Curry get back in the groove physically and mentally.

Thompson, on the other hand, could be healthy enough to play in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics scheduled in late July. The three-point record holder averaged 21.5 points a game last year and is a 40% three-point shooter. He is one of the 44 finalists that can potentially make up the US team. The US National team is a three-time defending gold medallist. Thompson was a member of the 2016 team.

His presence or absence will likely not change the chances of the US team getting a fourth straight gold medal, but Thompson playing in the Olympics may help him get back into the game for next season. Coach Kerr is the assistant coach of the team, and that gives him a good chance of getting in the roster.

Golden State Warriors All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson (in blue and yellow strip) revealed that the National Basketball Association champions plan to tour an African-American museum instead of making the traditional visit to the White House
Golden State Warriors All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson (in blue and yellow strip) Getty