Google Maps and Search
Google Maps and Search services will ease holiday woes with more accurate information Google

Have you travelled all the way to your favourite destination only to be told it is closed for the holidays? Google is plugging that gap in the information chain. The search giant will add that information in its Maps and Search apps, helping avoid common holiday woes.

Google has just updated its Maps and Search services by adding holiday hours to them. So if a holiday is within the next seven days, the business will display a special holiday schedule.

If you want to make sure a place is open during the holidays, just search for it and check if the listing includes holiday hours. You will see a warning message that says the usual hours might be different if it has a holiday schedule. You can also check if your favourite restaurant is open, using the "Open Now" feature.

Jonathan Sidi, product manager of Google Maps & Local Search, said: "We've got you covered pretty much everywhere you search and anywhere you go. Because holiday hours and warnings are available globally, if you happen to be celebrating Boxing Day in the UK or New Year's Eve in Sweden, you'll see info specific to the country you're in."