Google Chrome for Android updated
Google Chrome 64-bit web-browser variant promises fewer crashes and enhanced performance. Google

Google has unveiled a 64-bit version of its popular Chrome web browser which is now available as a free download.

Chrome users across platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, along with developers, can download the 64-bit beta variant and report any issues directly to Google.

The company says that users' settings, data and bookmarks will be automatically ported to the 64-bit variant, once they install the new browser within their devices.

This means that users will be spared the task of having to uninstall older versions (including their current Chrome) when they install the 64-bit Google Chrome variant.

With the beta release now open to the public, Google is expected to launch the stable release of its 64-bit Chrome version in the autumn.

Advantages of using 64-bit browser variants

With the latest microprocessors (within computers) following 64-bit addressing mechanisms, it is vital that more RAM is used by multiple processes and applications running within the 64-bit computer system.

Also, it is a known fact that applications designed to sync with 32-bit computers have limited memory-addressing capabilities. A 32-bit computer OS theoretically supports a maximum 4GB RAM, after performance enhancements.

However, 64 bit operating systems and apps tend to address more memory, which is the norm in today's computers.

With 64-bit browsers, users on operating systems that follow 64-bit architectures should be able to indulge in multitasking more than in 32-bit versions.

Also, there should be fewer crashes in browsers built to work on 64-bit computer architectures.

Applications involving graphics and multimedia content should load up faster on 64-bit browser versions (in this case Google Chrome). This process naturally leads to enhancements in speed and the overall performance of the web browser.

Users wanting to try out the Chrome 64-bit version can click here to see the full list of technical changes that the beta version incorporates.

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