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YouTube's revenue prospects may be helped by the looping feature because it can then cast new ads Reuters

YouTube has finally come out with an inbuilt option to play your favourite videos on loop without having to install a third-party applications or plug-in. The feature is not yet available in the mobile version of the video-sharing app but is likely to be rolled out soon.

Loop on YouTube
The above picture shows how you can loop a YouTube video without having to install any third party application or plug-ins YouTube

How it works

Let's take the Taylor Swift song Blank Space, for instance. Play the video on YouTube and right click on the video screen. An option called loop will appear as shown in the image. Click on it and the loops for the said video will be set.

For music lovers on YouTube, one of the most annoying features while playing their favourite song is the switch it automatically makes to another video you may not want to watch at all. The new feature, added by Google without any official announcement, will be a joy for music lovers who had to previously use third-party apps such as ListenOnRepeat.

As of now it is not clear whether advertisements which appear while playing videos will also repeat themselves. When we tried the loop option the number of ads was not constant and also did not have the same content.

Music videos in particular will get the biggest jump from this feature as they are always on top of YouTube's most watched videos list. As of January 2016 South Korean pop star Psy's Gangnam Style video still holds the top spot for the most watched videos and is followed by only music videos in the top ten most watched videos of all time.

The loop option could also change the revenue prospects for Google. With each additional loop more advertisements are likely to play out. Every loop might also garner more hits for the video itself though it is not clear if total number of views will keep adding.