Google has launched a new feature that lets users check the weather using its Google Maps service.

The new feature allows Google Maps users to add a "weather layer" to any map they are viewing. The feature can be activated by clicking on the weather layer option in the widget contained on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The weather layer gets its data from, allowing users to zoom in on the map and see the specific weather conditions of each area. The conditions will be marked with specific icons -- sun for sunny, rain cloud for rain etc.

Through a partnership with the U.S. Naval Research Lab, the weather layer will also show users the area's cloud coverage.

As well as showing a four-day forecast for the area, the weather icon hovering above particular cities will also allow users to view more specific data such as humidity and wind conditions.

"Whether you're organizing a trip overseas or a picnic at a local park, knowing the weather forecast is a crucial part of the planning process. Today, we're adding a weather layer on Google Maps that displays current temps and conditions around the globe, and will hopefully make travel and activity planning easier," wrote a Google spokesperson regarding the new feature.