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Google Inc. has taken drastic steps to shorten and simplify its existing 60-plus privacy policies into one consolidated policy, applicable to multiple products from its stables all across the Internet. This welcome change comes in the wake of global regulators seeking shorter and more readable privacy policies from the search engine giant.

Until now, the company was apparently forced to provide a handful of separate privacy policies in light of legal and other constraints. The new policy change is expected to take effect on March 1 and users worldwide will be intimated of the change through e-mails and notifications on the homepage.

Reiterating its aim to simplify access to its services, Google has also announced plans to integrate profile information from its users' accounts across all services on the company's platform. In effect, if the user has logged into one service, he/she should then be able to access all of Google's other services, without having to log in on multiple ocassions.

The integration of the personal search feature is one such example. This allows users access to relevant personal information when searching with more general queries. For example, if the user is searching for a restaurant in London, all related Google+ posts and photographs, including his/her personal content in albums will be made available, for a more informed decision.

Check Out the Video on Google's Privacy Policy Update:

Meanwhile, amid concerns of privacy violations, Google has moved to reassure users that it will retain its basic privacy policy.

"We remain committed to data liberation, so if you want to take your information elsewhere you can. We don't sell your personal information, nor do we share it externally without your permission except in very limited circumstances like a valid court order," the company stated, in a press release.

The release further said: "We try hard to be transparent about the information we collect, and to give you meaningful choices about how it is used-for example our Ads Preferences Manager enables you to edit the interest categories we advertise against or turn off certain Google ads altogether. And we continue to design privacy controls, like Google+'s circles, into our products from the ground up."

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