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In order to provide everyone a chance to be productive irrespective of one's location, Google has released a new update to the Google Docs apps for Android by bringing the collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desktop to Android devices.

The new version of Google Docs offers an easy way to edit documents while on the move and a notable benefit is that one can always have a centralized updated list of documents.

One more remarkable feature of the updated Google Docs is "Collaborative Editing' a feature that enables many people to work on a document in real-time and changes made in the document by the contributors will appear in real times on screen.

"We have brought the collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desk top to your Android device," stated the official Google blog.

Moreover, according to the blog, Google has enhanced the Android's functionality.

For example, a person can pinch to zoom and focus on a specific paragraph or see the whole document at a glance.

"We also added rich text formatting so you can do things like create a quick bullet list, add color to your documents, or just bold something important," added the Google blog.

Description for users, see here....

Create, edit, upload and share your documents with the Google Docs app.

* Designed for Android to save you time finding your docs
* Edits to your documents appear to collaborators in seconds
* Make quick changes to spreadsheets
* View your documents, PDFs, presentations and more
* Mark files as available offline for view access even when you're not connected
* Upload and convert files to the Google Docs format
* Take a photo of printed text and convert it to a Google document
* Share docs with your device's contacts
* Optimized experience to take advantage of larger screens for tablet users, Honeycomb (Android 3.0+)
* Improved Google documents reading experience for tablet users

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