The cover of the December issue of Game Informer has revealed that Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature three playable protagonists, with Rockstar promising that they will use the characters in a "ground-breaking way."

GTA V Game Informer

The cover of the Game Informer shows three men, two as-of-yet unnamed, the other Albert Da Silva, who was unveiled in 2011 during GTA V's first and so far only trailer. Da Silva is rumoured to be played by actor Ned Luke and was, until these new details emerged thought to the game's only protagonist.

Game Informer is running 18 pages of new Grand Theft Auto V details, with the latest issue going on sale digitally at 11pm (GMT) today, 8 November. The magazine is available via the App Store, only on iPad.

Pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto V have been available since 5 November, with a new, longer trailer confirmed for 14 November. Leaked posters have revealed the game's release date to be spring 2013. It will be set in Los Santos, a fictionalised version of Los Angeles and, the Game Informer information would suggest, feature a narrative that weaves between three different criminals.

Da Silva is rumoured to be a retired East Coast crook who comes to Los Santos for a peaceful life but gets sucked back into organised crime. Although jets, sports cars and jetskis have all been revealed to be usable vehicles in leaked screenshots, no other solid information on Grand Theft Auto V has been confirmed.