MPs from the Greek neo-nazi party Golden Dawn are reported to have taken part in a yet another race attack on. This time an immigrant was allegedly stabbed in a robbery on a hairdressers in Central Athens as 150 people went on the rampage assaulting people and damaging shops in the Aghios Pantaleimonas neighbourhood.

This latest incident is one of a long line of vicious and unprovoked attacks being carried out by the racist group (like this one filmed in September). Gangs of men smashed immigrant street vendors' stalls at fairs and farmers' markets. The party and its supporters blame immigrants for all the country's ills and their actions have even prompted police to carry out frequent sweeps of towns and cities arresting suspected illegal immigrants. Golden Dawn's popularity is increasing amongst jaded Greeks who are fed up with the state of the country and the austerity measures imposed on them. Golden Dawn won 18 seats in the 300-member parliament back the summer elections.

The stabbing victim meanwhile is being treated in hospital.