Rockstar's newest game title, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), has already broken records with sales of 1.57 million units in the UK and $800m sales globally on day one to become the best-selling game of the year so far.

According to Take-Two, this marks "the highest first day retail sales of any title in the history of the company and the Grand Theft Auto series".

With GTA 5 Online release just a couple of weeks away (October), avid GTA fans would be eager to experience one of the most unique multiplayer gameplay mechanics in history. The game is expected to keep players hooked with several off-campaign activities and fine level of customisation available at the player's fingertips. Given the hype surrounding this year's biggest game title yet, its multiplayer mode should only get interesting and more challenging.

Take a peek at the fascinating multiplayer secrets that have been revealed so far:

Prepare for Robbery with Set of Masks to Disguise

Prepare for robbery with set of masks to disguise .

An earlier GTA trailer suggests that the player can loot various locations around Los Santos, especially liquor stores and other low-risk joints for some quick bucks. Besides, every robbery attempt enables you to customise your gear and suit up with a set of masks and sunglasses. To be precise, you can wear a new disguise on every occasion.

Intimidate Victims by Screaming via Headset

Intimidate victims by screaming via headset .

One of the surprising packages of multiplayer gaming in GTA 5 is its ability to grant you efficient ways of intimidating your victims. Your vocal interactions such as screaming at a cashier via chat headset could tilt the scales in your favour as he/she packs the money faster. This could be your best bet for a smoother chance at a getaway without sounding any alarm.

In case you forgot to use the headset, a button prompt should just do the same on your behalf. However, no other detail about the headset's use for either offline or online mode is revealed.

Double-Cross Partners in Crime

GTA 5: New Multiplayer Secrets Revealed, What to Expect

Quite unlike any other game, GTA Online allows you the ability to double-cross or hoodwink your partners or buddies, following a heist. The player who retrieves the cash from the cashier or clerk will hold the sole responsibility of dividing up the loot among the partners in crime, and also holds the power to choose whether to split the money equally or cheat his partners and flee with the loot. As the player, you might choose to kill your co-partner, drive the car off the cliff or simply ride off into the sunset in a bid to flee with the loot.

Insure Your Favourite Vehicles

Insure your favourite vehicles .

Vehicles can now be insured against accidents in GTA Online. For instance, if one of your vehicles is trashed, a copy of it will be available in the garage with all the customisations you have invested.

Though it is unclear how much insurance will cost you per day in the game, it is a safe way to take your expensive ride on dangerous heists and risky street races.

Co-Pilots to Plot the Mission Way-Points

Co-Pilots to plot the mission way-points .

Since greater precision is needed with flying the planes and helicopters in GTA 5, the online mode permits players to use co-pilot assist for plotting the way-points on the map during flight-based missions. For instance, in one of the missions players have to steal a Titan cargo plane from a hangar (as seen in official trailers), while ensuring the plane is not shot down by FBI fighter jets.

Hundreds of Multiplayer Missions, Races, Deathmatches and More

Hundreds of multiplayer missions, races, deathmatches and more .

With GTA Online scheduled to launch on 1 October, players can choose from among hundreds of multiplayer missions, races and deathmatch events. A mission or an event will be chosen for you based on the majority votes from all players.

On completion of one mission, another mission vote will be awaiting your response to join the current online event. As Rockstar notes, unpopular events will be taken off servers and more new missions added in their place.

Airplane racing in multiplayer .

Besides, players can choose to race with cars, planes or helicopters. However, it is still unclear if custom races for aircraft are permitted in the game.

Apart from racing and team or one-on-one deathmatch events, players can wander off the open world or play a game of tennis or golf. One may also pick up an arm wrestling match or watch TV while playing bong at a friend's apartment.

Multiplayer Missions to Support up to 16 Players, Other Modes to Support up to 32 Players

Multiplayer missions to support up to 16 players, other modes to support up to 32 players .

It has been confirmed that Rockstar has made room for up to 16 players on all multiplayer missions. However, Xbox 360 settings confirm a total of 32 players could be vying for top honours in race mode as well as Team Deathmatch (TDM). Besides, there is a "Cops and Crooks" mode with support up to 32 players.

A heist mission with 16 players truly sounds challenging and chaotic, as there is much scope for double-crossing during getaways.

Idle mode players could be penalised via automatic filter for Away From Keyboard (AFK) game status as there is a flag to check player activity.

Periodic ATM Deposit or Risk Losing Cash

Periodic ATM Deposit or Risk Losing Cash .

In a weird addition to GTA Online, Rockstar introduces the rule that you need to periodically deposit hard earned cash into an ATM or risk losing the money forever. The player's wallet may be stolen when he/she dies during a mission, or in the worst case a partner in crime could kill the player and flee with the loot as well as the wallet.

To make things easy, the game permits the use of debit cards at Ammu-Nation and real-estate offices around Los Santos.

Reputation Points

Build reputation points while interacting with NPCs or performing an activity or an event .

In addition to money, players are bestowed with reputation points (RP) on completion of an activity, mission or an event. RPs will allow you to unlock new missions and new NPCs to interact with. A certain number of points are needed to get favours from various NPCs you have met such as hiding your radar blip from other players or calling in an airstrike on a target.

Check out the official GTA 5 multiplayer game play trailer below:

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