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They are usually styled to perfection, but to celebrate Halloween, stars across the globe let loose their scary side with blood-curdling results.

Celebrities including Amanda Holden and Ed Shereen got into the spooky sprit with horrifying customs.

The A-Team singer opted to dress up as Child's Play killer Chucky while the Britain's Got Talent judge Holden and her daughter Lexi went as bloody vampires.

Celebs like Kim Kardashian avoided all the blood and ghoul by going in sexy fancy dress for the festivities.

The reality star captioned the snap of her dressed up as a blonde mermaid with her boyfriend Kanye West: "Me and my captain".

But whether it was sexy treat of a terrifying trick, they were more than happy to share their outfits with their fans.

IBTimes UK has a look at a few of the best snaps of the creepy costume-clad celebrities.