hangover free beer
Could there really be a hangover-free beer? Quinn Dombrowski

Scientists in Australia are looking to create beer that rehydrates you as you drink – stopping hangovers (or making them far less severe).

Researchers at the Griffith University Menzies Health Institute in Queensland are trying to develop the beer that rehydrates you, but that actually tastes the same as normal beer.

Speaking to ABC Gold Coast, scientist Ben Desbrow said: "We've really concentrated on fluid rehydration initially, so looking at a beer that doesn't leave you as dehydrated.

"Certainly dehydration has been proposed as being one of the factors that increases hangover severity.

"We know from previous experiments in other fluids that sodium content in particular has a large influence over rehydration. But in the context of alcohol that research is less well-established."

beer survey
The scientists are looking for beer-drinkers to take their survey Griffith University

Researchers are particularly interested in developing hangover-free beer because of the sheer quantity people are able to drink: "People stop drinking beer not because they get sick of the taste of it, but because they have to be mindful of the consequences, whether they're trying to avoid a hangover or they have to drive a car or they run out of money," Desbrow explained.

The scientists first announced their plan to make rehydrating beer in 2013. They announced they had found how to manipulate the electrolyte levels – essential body salts – of two commercial beers.

The team is currently working on getting the flavour of the beer right, because people will not drink it if it does not taste good.

They are now surveying volunteers who drink beer regularly to examine the personal behaviours and factors that influence attitudes, which they hope will provide a better understanding of what makes beer more appealing.