You can actually visit the Hogwarts, see the Gryffindor boys' dormitory and the triple-decker bus, the Diagon alley and all that you fantasided and saw in the Harry Potter series.

Warner Bros Studio is opening a tour for all Potter fans to see and feel the places and technology used for the movie. According to The Sun, the tour, near the M1, is on the site of Leavesden Studios, where the movies were made.

The official site of the Warner Bros Studio Tour says: "The wonderful special effects and amazing creatures have made this iconic series beloved to both young and old - and now, for the first time, the doors are going to be opened for everyone at the studio where it first began. You'll have the chance to go behind-the-scenes and see many things the camera never showed. From breathtakingly detailed sets to stunning costumes, props and animatronics, Warner Bros Studio Tour London provides a unique showcase of the extraordinary British artistry, technology and talent that went into making the most successful film series of all time. Secrets will be revealed."

The Daily Telegraph and the Sun were given a peep into this magnificient attraction that will open on 31 March. The prices are £21 for a child aged 5-15, £28 for an adult, £83 for a family of four.

"Hagrid's motorcycle, Harry's broomstick, Hermione's cloak - all are present, and they look as wonderful up close as they did on screen. The highlight - which drew gasps from young fans invited to the sneak preview - is the model of Hogwarts.

Videos explain how the films were made, from the Quidditch stunts to the visual effects which removed Ralph Fiennes's nose for his role as Voldemort. "Occasionally, you come across something that destroys the mystique a little: those dusty tomes on Dumbledore's shelves turn out to be phonebooks covered in leather," the Telegraph was quoted as saying.

"As with most modern tourist attractions, the set-up requires visitors to exit via the gift shop where there is a bounty of merchandise on offer. The cheapest item is a pounds 3.95 lollipop. A polyester Hogwarts scarf costs pounds 24.95, a plastic Horcrux ring is pounds 39.95 and a replica of Harry's broomstick is pounds 249. An audio translation for foreign visitors adds pounds 4.95 to the ticket price." DNAindia was quoted as saying.

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