Tottenham defender Gareth Bale feels the Spurs boss Harry Redknapp should have no hesitation about quitting the club job should he be asked to take over as manager of the English national team, according to a Sun report.

In the recent interview, Bale revealed that a chance to manage the Three Lions was an opportunity that only came once in a lifetime... and was one that could not be turned down.

"We all want Harry to stay. But he is a great manager and if England do come calling it's one of those lifetime opportunities that you just can't turn down. I wouldn't blame him for going. You never know if that opportunity will ever come around again," The Sun quoted Bale as saying.

"Clearly it's going to be his choice and only he knows whether he wants the job or not. If it is the dream job for him," he added.

Also, the 22-year-old Welshman feels Spurs will not miss Redknapp if they get another manager as good as he.

"You need a big manager who can handle the pressure and handle top-quality international players. Harry is a fantastic manager who can handle high-calibre players and expectations at the club. If we get a manager like that I dare say it won't make too much difference," he further added.