Lucie Safarova has lavished praise on Roger Federer's 'heroic' ability to look after his body and conserve energy throughout a gruelling season and is hoping to garner tips from the legendary Swiss as she enters the twilight of her career.

Safarova, one of the oldest female players on the tour at the age of 31, is trying to prolong her career on the court as she bids to add to her legacy as a doubles player. The Czech left-hander, who has won five-time Grand Slam doubles titles but has only reached one major tournament in the singles, believes she still has plenty to achieve before she calls time on her career and is looking to take inspiration from Federer, whose remarkable Indian summer saw him reclaim the men's world No 1 ranking last week.

The eight-time Wimbledon champion's spellbinding Grand Slam winning performances in the twilight of his career are made even more impressive when taking into account the severe knee injury he suffered in 2016.

Safarova, who is hoping to improve her world No 30 ranking in the singles as the season progresses, sees Federer as an example to follow for any player who is hoping to prolong their career.

"I wouldn't mind if he [Federer] gives me some tips," Safarova said, per Tennis World USA. "He is such a hero when it comes to planning and conserving his body. In general, I think all the developments in the physiotherapy and fitness industry has helped us take better care of our bodies, and that is how we get a chance to prolong our careers.

"I've been playing really well against top 10 players. Unfortunately, I've been losing but these have been really tight matches. So I am just waiting for the right moment to turn that around. Once you catch it and roll, you roll on and I hope this happens soon."

Roger Federer
Federer is still outperforming his colleagues and adversaries as he approaches his 37th birthday Getty Images