Just days after al-Qaeda leaders called for Muslims in Lebanon to take revenge over an American film that they claim deeply insults their faith, yet more fuel has been added to the literal and metaphorical fires. This time it comes from the head of the militant Shi'ite Muslim group, Hezbollah, who's called for fresh nationwide demonstrations across the forthcoming week, jumping on bandwagon of world-wide anti-US sentiments.

Protests at several US diplomatic buildings have been continuing since the death of 4 American staff (including the US Ambassador to Libya) last week. The violence has been almost unending, despite calls for calm from various Middle Eastern leaders.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah from the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah appeared on the al-Mannar TV station, broadcasting from a secret location, saying America should be held accountable and Muslims should let the world know that they wouldn't stay silent in the face of this insult. He went on to say that the low-budget movie 'Innocence of Muslims' is the worst ever attack on Islam - even worse than Salman's Rushdie's Satanic verses or the burning of the Koran in Afghanistan.