A video depicting the evolution of the human face is currently doing the rounds on social media. The video shows the most primitive ancestor of the human all the way through to modern Europeans – a six million year journey condensed into just one minute.

The video was uploaded to YouTube channel Kick Creations in late October and has since been emulated by various other channels and has become a hot topic of debate on a couple of Reddit forums, with comments ranging from praising the video to others saying that it is a racist portrayal of evolution.

"Why does he skip straight from pre-human to white guy though? Shouldn't there be a human with African features in there before that, since lighter skin is more derived? Or even stop with an African human," one Redditer wrote.

However, another said: "There was a neanderthal in the mix there so it wouldnt make sense for an African to follow. Africans did not leave Africa and cross breed with the neanderthal population. That is to say pure Africans bear no relation to neanderthals."