French President Francois Hollande, has been commended by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is on a two day visit to France. For pushing through the strong sanctions onto Iran, which he said seemed to be working but that the UN needed to do more.

Hollande was full of fighting talk as he said that France would push for even more sanctions if it persuaded Iran to give up its nuclear plans.

"We have had several sanctions voted. We are ready to vote for more. As many as are necessary, telling Iran that we want concrete acts and gestures that could convince the entire world and the IAEA that it is giving up its research through the dismantling of its stocks.

Netanyahu then explained that Iran has not stopped its nuclear programme which concerned both the UN countries and the Arab world.

Holland has strongly expressed that he wants to see a more concrete effort from Iran, and confirmation that it isn't pursuing its nuclear aims which Israel and the West believes is just a front for a weapons capability.

Written and presented by Ann salter