A maternity hospital in Timisoara, western Romania has seen a number of newborn babies testing positive for COVID-19. It has been revealed that at least 10 babies have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Tests conducted on the mothers have turned out to be negative. The negative test results point a finger at the hospital staff. They are suspected to have spread the virus in the hospital. Medical staff in Romania have been working under enormous stress due to equipment shortage.

Romanian Health Minister Nelu Tataru confirmed the incident in an interview on national television on Monday. He also confirmed that the mothers of all the babies had been tested and their results were negative. An investigation has been launched to get to the root of the COVID-19 spread in the hospital.

Initially, authorities were worried that the patients had been putting the staff at risk of the infection. However, test results of the new mothers have proved that it is likely members of the maternity staff responsible for the outbreak.

Tataru said that all but one of the children had been allowed to leave the hospital. Though the children tested positive, they did not show symptoms of the infection. The mothers and the babies who have been discharged are in quarantine in their own homes while the investigation continues to try and locate the COVID-19 spreader.

The Mirror pointed out the horrific details shared by a mother. She claimed that she felt like she was in a horror movie. The condition of the hospital and the staff made the mother worry. Hospital staff had been walking around without wearing masks even though the virus had spread in the facility.

Hospitals all over the country have reported the lack of equipment available. The shortage of equipment has put those battling on the frontline at risk. With nearly 5,500 people infected all over the country, over 700 COVID-19 patients have been health care workers.

baby picture
Babies born at a hospital in Romania tested positive for COVID-19 while their mothers have tested negative. Janko Ferlič/ Unsplash