The advent of Windows 10 has opened many avenues that can be explored, including the means to control your Android Phone using Cortana on Windows 10 desktops and tablets.

This exciting feat can be achieved with the use of a popular Android app called 'Tasker', which enables users to perform numerous tasks and actions based on completely automated states such as location, time of day and button presses.

Tasker works much the same way as the IFTTT app for Android, only with advanced features at its disposal, thanks to a wide array of plugins from the Google Play Store. One such feature of Tasker is its ability to control an Android Phone via Windows 10's Cortana app.

Here is how you can set it up on your phone and PC:

Step 1: Install the Tasker as well as the plugins: AutoVoice and AutoRemote, from the Google Play Store on your Android phone

Step 2: Then install the AutoRemote extension for Chrome browser on the PC

Step 3: Right-click the extension icon and choose Options. Then add your Android phone to enable Cortana commands on it.

Step 4: Download the Tasker profile to your phone and import it to the app from Profiles tab > Import, and then locate the file

Step 5: Finally, set Google Chrome as your default Windows 10 browser

That's it. It is now possible to remotely perform actions like instructing your phone to turn off WiFi right from Cortana on your PC.

[Source: Redmond Pie]