Windows 10 Anniversary Update
How to get dark theme personalisation settings Microsoft

One of the noteworthy features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update is dark theme that allows users to personalise their Windows powered PC the way they want. This feature lets the user to change the colour of the apps from light mode to dark mode instantly.

It is quite helpful for low light conditions, like working at night. When you enable this feature Windows apps such as Mail, Calendar and Windows Store apps go to a background that in turn saves battery of the device.

Even before Microsoft could roll-out the Anniversary Update, a workaroundwas available to get the dark theme by tweaking Windows Registry. But there is always risk related to the registry hacking, as the device might get bricked in case something goes wrong during process.

But with the Anniversary Update, you no longer need to take the pain of tweaking Windows Registry. All you need is to install the Anniversary Update, which is a major update to Windows 10. If you haven't updated your PC with Microsoft's latest release yet, click here for a detailed guide explaining how to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Once you have the update running on your device, do the following steps to get dark them.

  • Go to Settings, for which press Windows key and I together
  • From there select Personalisation then choose Colours
  • Navigate to App Mode and select Dark

You can take advantage of the dark theme on your device. Click to know more about the other features of Anniversary Update.