Being an IT specialist is no walk in the park, and now that HP offers consultation with the best IT experts in the business, those who handle the task for companies can take a breather from working 24/7.

Some say that being an IT specialist or personnel takes more than just dedication and skill for it entails long working hours and even working on weekends. This is because companies won't function without their help and assistance, in case something goes wrong with the system.

With HP's TS Connect, they feature experts on different IT fields ready to give advice on and assistance to those who need it. Company workers can finally have some time off while learning more about their jobs, being more prolific and better at what they do.

Some of the top-of-the-line featured experts on IT Transformation are Masashi Shono (Strategic IT Advisory Services), Dave Banthorpe (Unified Communications), Bill Kosik (Energy and Sustainability Management), Takeshi Miyahara and Elizabeth Roche (Strategic IT Advisory Services), and Ewald Comhaire (Cloud Consulting Services).

Companies always need to upgrade their IT system and make sure nothing goes wrong for the work to be done as soon as possible. This is where converged infrastructure comes in, and being assigned to fix it is not an easy task.

The TS connect experts on converged infrastructure are ready to fill in the latest and most advanced technology to make this IT branch work at its full efficiency. With experts such as Martin Visser (Network Consulting Services), Yue Lei (Integration Services), and Donald Livengood (Client Infrastructure Management), IT personnel can easily be updated on what's the right move to make.

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