Root all HTC Android Devices with New HTC Quick Root Tool [Installation Guide]
Root HTC Android Devices with New HTC Quick Root Tool [Installation Guide] xda-developers forum

HTC smartphone and tablet owners can now root devices with a new universal tool, thanks to the efforts of XDA developer lyriquidperfection. The HTC Quick Root tool is reported to be a "One Click Root and UnRoot solution for all HTC devices" according to a thread on the XDA forum.

The thread claims the tool roots devices through two methods - Insecure Boot.img and Universal Exploit. The developer claims the former - the Insecure Boot.img method - is meant to work on all devices but needs S-OFF. In Insecure Boot.img, the "" has to be set to 0 and users are advised not to use a patched adbd binary.

The Universal Exploit method will work on all HTC devices running a full stock ROM, including Recovery. However, the developer does warn the method will fail if the device has been patched by HTC on the Stock ROM being used.

Check out this guide to download and use the HTC Quick Root tool. Please note using the method involves a risk of data damage. IBTimes UK advises users to proceed at their own risk and will not be held responsible for any consequences.

  • Ensure HTC Sync Manager is installed on your PC
  • Download HTC Quick Root tool from the thread on the Xda Developers' forum
  • Extract contents of downloaded .zip file to PC
  • Perform these steps on the HTC device
    • Go to Settings > DeveloperOptions and enable USBDebugging [Android 2.3 users have to go to Settings > Applications > DeveloperOptions]
    • Now, go to Settings > Power and disable the Fastboot option
  • Connect your HTC device to PC
  • Open the folder containing extracted HTC Quick Root tool. If the HTC device is running a full stock ROM then choose the Universal Exploit method and if it has S-OFF then try the Insecure boot.img method

Congratulations... you have now rooted your HTC device.

[Information Courtesy: The Android Soul]