Despite being the most sought after Android upgrade across smartphone brands, Google's famed OS revision - Ice Cream sandwich (ICS) - has failed to penetrate the smartphone market convincingly. The new Android software availability is limited to a few high-end phones starting with the likes of the Galaxy S2 and according to Redmond Pie, only one percent of Android devices run ICS.

The non-availability of the ICS upgrade for a majority of the smartphones is explained as hardware incompatibility. Some manufacturers have sought to bridge the gap, by improving on their phones and allowing it to run the resource-hungry software, leading to Over The Air (OTA) updates for a plethora of Android devices, including HTC's own ICS ready smartphones.

Recently, HTC announced the availability of OTA updates on its Web site for a range of devices. Although, the DROID Incredible 2 doesn't feature, the likes of Amaze, the EVO 4G+, the Sensation family (comprising the standard model - 4G, XE and XL), the Velocity 4G and the Vivid are poised to get the newest iteration of Android by the end of June.

The Desire S, the EVO 3D, the EVO Design 4G, the Incredible S, the Rezound and the Rhyme are also expected to get their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade by the end of July. Also on the list are the HTC Thunderbolt and Desire HD, which might carry ICS by the end of August.

However, prospective smartphone buyers are miffed with the indefinite delay in getting the ICS upgrade on their favourite Android devices. The delayed release of ICS is further complicated by OEM's rigorous quality checks with personalised skins topping Android.

According to Redmond Pie, both the device model you purchase and the maker's upgrade criteria could determine the time you will have to wait for the ICS upgrade. Meanwhile, the Android software giant is reportedly encouraging vendors to focus on hardware stakes instead of investing months of labour in optimising the OS for superior features and functionality.

Nevertheless, check out the complete list of devices which will get ICS, besides their respective time frame in the screenshot below:

HTC Android ICS devices list
The Complete list of HTC\'s Android Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS ready) smartphones Photo: HTC