HUVr BOard Hover BOard

After watching the 1989 film 'Back to the Future Part II', it is obvious that you wanted your own Hoverboard. If so, have a look at this new YouTube video that features a 'real hoverboard'. It has been making rounds on the Internet and is worth a watch.

The star studded infomercial is undoubtedly fake as the person playing an engineer in the video (pictured again in a Facebook post) happens to be actor Nelson Chang.

In the video, Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens and other celebrities met at a Los Angeles parking lot to take the HUVr boards for a test ride.

However, like many of you, we wish that the technology was real. Riding a hoverboard to work every morning is surely a childhood dream that most of us share.

Below are the fictitious features of this wonderful offspring of technology

1) The HUVr board auto balances for you, this way you won't fall off if you loose balance during your ride.

2) It has a smartphone app that will allow you to plan your course around the city.

3) It can fly upto heights of over 10 feet according to what is being shown in the video.

If you have got some free time, check out the HUVr website, which says that Hoverboard was the product of an MIT physics project in 2010.

"This is clearly a new frontier for science and we are excited and honored to share this first chapter with the world," says the HUVr Team.