BioShock Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro opens up about his encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object 2K Games / Getty Images

The existence of aliens and UFOs has always been a debatable topic. Now, Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro has made a startling claim saying that he saw an unidentified flying object when he was young.

"I know this is horrible. You sound like a complete lunatic, but I saw a UFO," he told Hollywood Reporter. However, the Oscar-winning director claims that he did not like its design. "I didn't want to see a UFO. It was horribly designed," he added.

The existence of aliens have been a hot topic for years but the recent revelation about Pentagon's funding for a super-secret project to investigate UFO sightings has reignited the debate all over again.

Recalling his bone-chilling encounter with the extraterrestrials, Toro said: "I was with a friend. We bought a six-pack. We didn't consume it, and there was a place called Cerro del Cuatro, "Mountain of the Four," on the periphery of Guadalajara. We said, 'Let's go to the highway.' We sit down to watch the stars and have the beer and talk. We were the only guys by the freeway. And we saw a light on the horizon going super-fast, not linear. And I said, 'Honk and flash the lights.' And we started honking."

But their honking and light flashing took a terrible turn when the saucer moved much closer towards them in a fraction of a second. The Shape of Water director claims he and his friend got so scared that they ran for their lives and drove as fast as possible. He also claims the terrifying UFO followed them for a while before vanishing into the ether.

"[It] went from 1,000 meters away [to much closer] in less than a second — and it was so crappy. It was a flying saucer, so clichéd, with lights [blinking]. It's so sad: I wish I could reveal they're not what you think they are. They are what you think they are. And the fear we felt was so primal. I have never been that scared in my life. We jumped in the car, drove really fast. It was following us, and then I looked back and it was gone," he said.

Recently, a former US Navy pilot has narrated his encounter with an alien ship in the sky and claiming the terrifying experience has made him believe that humans are not alone in the universe. "It looked like a flying Tic Tac with incredible capabilities. I'd say I doubt it was something we developed — Earthlings, people of this planet," he told the Boston Herald while narrating the 40-foot long oval-shaped object flying randomly in the sky, which he saw in 2004.